Instantly assemble full-stack, cross-platform apps.

Custom made for teams, startups, and indie devs using tools you already know. For both new and existing apps.

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iPhone-lockscreenUser account menuPassword changes and two-factor authentication setupIn-app purchases with renewal and expiration logic for subscriptionsPush notifications with painless setupDevice manager with authentication token revocation and push notification statusCurrent device storage, network information, and moreAll the core functionality you need, perfectly built

Masterfully crafted using best practices on top of the latest and greatest battle-tested platforms, tools, and standards trusted by millions of developers around the world.

TypeScriptJavaScriptDartPythonReactAngularVueStyled Components💅TailwindIonicElectronFlutterJestMochaWebAuthnPostgreSQLSQLiteMongoDBFirebaseS3ExpressTypeDocCapacitorCordovaAndroidiOSmacOSWindowsLinuxOAuthGoogleGitHubGitLab1x1x1x1xProgressive Web AppGoYarnNPMStripeApple PayGoogle PayNodePayPalNetlifyRenderVercelHerokuDigital OceanCloudflare PagesMailgunSendGridAWS
  • Assemble your Molecule

    Choose your language, platforms, UI, themes, user authentication, push notifications, payments, database, emails, uploads, package manager, documentation, testing, logging, and more.

  • Clone your Molecule's code

    Carefully crafted using industry standards. Your Molecule includes thorough docs, tests, and step-by-step instructions. Polished. Simple. Powerfully flexible. No vendor lock-in. It's all yours.

  • Your app is primed for launch!

    Everything you need for immediate release on the web, iOS (App Store), Android (Google Play), macOS, Windows, and/or Linux. Skip the tedious, time-consuming integrations. Launch fast. Iterate faster.

Choose exactly what you need Built to perfection

Start with a polished frontend and backend

Every integration is fully functional

Quickly integrate into existing apps

Or scaffold entirely new ones

  • App + API Language
    Your app and API are fully customizable. Every line of code was meticulously crafted with clear, intuitive interfaces and intent so you can dive right in.
  • Database
    Quick and easy setup of the necessary roles and tables. We keep it simple and unopinionated so you can easily customize it to your needs.
  • Rendering
    Architected using best practices. We aim for pure functions everywhere with easily manageable data flow to predictably render application state.
  • UI Components
    A composition of components you're already familiar with or can quickly learn. You have full control of the look and feel.
  • Themes
    Users can cycle through themes. Comes with light and dark. Automatically selected by user's OS preference.
  • Authentication
    Sign up with a username and password or social login via OAuth. Two-factor auth (2FA) is included. Uses JSON web tokens, paired for CSRF protection.
  • Emails
    Your API sends emails for things like password resets and whatever else you need. Easily change mailer transports, if necessary.
  • Push Notifications
    Set up push notifications for every platform in minutes. Simultaneously push notifications to any number of devices on every platform.
  • Payments
    Handles payments for every device and platform. Includes endpoints for web hooks and handles cross-platform user subscriptions.
  • Uploads (File Storage)
    Efficiently stream incoming files to your storage of choice without hogging resources. File info is readily available.
  • Cross-Platform Support
    Your app works the same on the platforms you choose. Web, iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and/or Linux. Native support, and without managing separate apps.
  • Deployment (CI/CD)
    Connect your git repositories and push commits to automatically build, test, and deploy your app and API to the platforms and providers you choose.
  • Package Manager
    Save a bit of time by choosing your preferred package manager in advance. Documentation and scripts will reflect your choice.
  • Documentation
    Every line of code is thoroughly documented and automatically converted into an easily navigable, highly readable static site. Designed for you to naturally keep up to date as you grow.
  • Testing
    Your app and API are well tested. A composition of pure functions everywhere makes it easy to test every function and use case.
  • Logging
    Gain insight into what's happening in your app and API. Use the logging library of your choice for level-based logging, filtering, and important notifications.

Rock solid foundation Built to scale

Unmatched developer experience (DX)

High standards for you and your team

TypeScript, autocomplete and linting
Thoroughly documented codebase with hints, autocomplete and linting
Unit tests
Unit tests cover every use case and ensure every function works as intended
Documentation with examples
Clear-cut examples show you exactly how to quickly build anything you can imagine
Strong type definitions
Strongly typed code leaves no room for unanticipated mistakes or confusion


We make the absolute best full-stack integrations and app starters

  • Instead of months of work and possible burnout, you'll have an app capable of release on every platform in less than a day.

  • Step-by-step instructions tell you exactly what to do, from useful IDE extensions to screenshots required for app store submissions.

  • Includes everything you need to know about obscure app store and 3rd party integration requirements so nothing slows you down.

  • Save valuable time. Skip the tedious integrations. No unexpected setbacks. Everything already works. Focus on what matters most to your business.

  • Save precious mental energy. The hard decisions are made for you. All the pieces fit perfectly together. Manageable and intuitively extendable.

  • Built by experienced professionals. Every feature chosen by you is seamlessly integrated for every platform using predictable design patterns.

Keep up with!



You pay for only the features and integrations you need

  • Single

    Starts at $299 per Molecule

    Priority support

    Private git repositories

    Full control over every line of code

    One app with your Molecule stack and feature set

  • Unlimited

    Starts at $999 per Molecule

    Priority support

    Private git repositories

    Full control over every line of code

    Any number of apps with your Molecule

  • Single

    Starts at $1999 per Molecule

    Priority support

    Private git repositories

    Full control over every line of code

    One app with your Molecule stack and feature set

  • Unlimited

    Starts at $4999 per Molecule

    Priority support

    Private git repositories

    Full control over every line of code

    Any number of apps with your Molecule

  • Business

    10+ Molecules starting at $1499 each

    Priority support

    Private git repositories

    Full control over every line of code

    Any stack and feature set per Molecule


What exactly am I getting?

You're getting source code for a fully functional, full-stack application, both front-end and back-end, complete with thorough documentation, tests, guides, and tutorials. It's all industry standard tools, polished and with no vendor lock-in. The app is yours to do whatever you want with it.

As soon as you've selected and submitted every option you want for your Molecule, you'll be given a command to run which will clone the relevant git repositories to your machine.

Free and subscribed users will use our public repositories on GitHub, while users with a premium license will use our private repositories. The code is mostly the same, with the exception that free users rely on the API for things like emails and in-app purchase receipt verification, while users with a premium license will not rely on the API for anything.

What if I already have an app?

Every Molecule is extremely modular, so you can quickly pull what you need from your Molecule into your existing app.

It's usually just a matter of copying a few modules (files) and passing data from your existing app into the relevant functions and components.

What about updates?

Molecules are fairly stable, but any updates will be visible to you as git commits and/or pull requests, possibly with accompanying discussion.

We'll notify you of any critical updates.

What about licensing?

All of the public code available on GitHub is Apache 2.0 licensed.

The code on our private servers, available to users who have purchased a premium license, uses a modified Apache 2.0 license which excludes source redistribution. In other words, you can do whatever you want with it as long as you keep the source code private.

I want something that is currently not an option. Will you add it for me?

Probably! Just let us know, and there's a good chance we'll add the option if it makes sense.

You can request anything - different programming languages, different databases, containerization, load balancers, websockets, caching, CI/CD integration, etc.

We have a lot planned for the future, which we prioritize based on your feedback.

Can I swap or add more options to my Molecule later on, after it's already been built?

Yes! It is recommended that you start with every option you think you'll need, but if for example you'd rather start with a light infrastructure and upgrade later, you can do that. Swaps and upgrades are usually just a matter of running a couple of basic git commands.

Will you help me with my app?

Of course! We're happy to explain inner workings, design decisions and philosophies, and how we might approach whatever it is you're building.

We love feedback, as it helps improve documentation, code, and tutorials.

If you need someone to build your app or train your team, we can do that too.

How is this different from other solutions?

Other solutions do either too much or too little.

With too much, the bloat weighs down your app, slows down development, increases your costs, and can be overwhelming to sift through.

With too little, you expend a lot of energy, time, and money building out basic core functionality which can lead to decision fatigue, burnout, and failure.

You can find templates and starter kits for fairly cheap, but they are generally not a full-stack, complete solution and will not scale without significantly more work.

With, you get exactly what you need for building the features that make you stand out from the rest, without being locked into any particular ecosystem or paradigm. It's designed to scale to any number of users, and it's all yours, made specifically for you.

Think of it as hiring some of the best of the best to build the most solid foundation possible for your application, relatively future-proof and customized for your individual needs.